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    1. My company mainly engaged in:      QTZ63 model of ordinary tower crane      Construction elevator SCD200/200     

      The company ushered in new opportunities for development

      Tian Ren company always uphold the concept of good faith management, not only to provide customers with timely and thoughtful service, but also its high-quality products are recognized and appreciated by the peer industry, and more far away in Europe manufacturers
      It has a special liking for the other day to day, as an olive branch, to seek cooperation and common development. At the same time, any day also continues to attract talent, the introduction of the technical backbone of the industry elite, now
      The day was more powerful in technology, can be said to be a tiger with wings added. Weather, climate, people and - day company is ushering in new opportunities for development! Will also usher in a more brilliant tomorrow!

      LINKS     Baidu    FHT    Alibaba    Civil OnlineConstruction elevator SCD200/200       Construction elevator SC200/200
      Telephone:0519-83562158  83561666    Fax:0519-83566330      E-mail:root@cztrjj.com
      Address: Changzhou city ZhongLou District Bu Yi Bridge No. 158 pier pipa     Copyright:Changzhou Tianren Construction Machinery Co., Ltd.    

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